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Transitioning with Strength and Purpose: Our Legacy Continues

Welcome to the enduring legacy of Industrial Electric & Machine, a division of Rotating Mechanical Solutions Corp. With a proud history spanning 30 years, we’ve been a steadfast pillar of industrial support. While our journey has taken a new turn, it’s essential to understand the reason behind our transition.

As the parent company, Rotating Mechanical Solutions Corp., embarks on a new chapter through a strategic sale, we stand firm, showcasing our resilience and strength. Walking away stronger and on our terms is a testament to our unwavering commitment.

From being your trusted source for new wholesale electric motors and air compressors to a comprehensive array of new and used surplus industrial equipment, our impact remains resolute. Our expertise extends to Electric Motors of various types, Vertical Motors, Air Compressors, Fans, Blowers, Pumps, Reducers, Mixers, and Gearboxes.

As we embrace this new era, our legacy continues. The pages of expertise may turn, but the strength and purpose of our journey persist.

We would like to thank all of our customers for the years of support.
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