WEG 07509ET3GKD444T-W22 75HP 900 3 60 460 Crusher Duty

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Part Number:07509ET3GKD444T-W22
Frame 444/5T
Output 75 HP (55 kW)
Number of Poles 8
Frequency 60 Hz
Rated speed 890 rpm
Slip 1.11 %
Rated voltage 460 V
Rated current 93.0 A
L. R. Amperes 558 A
LRC 6.0x(Code G)
No load current 40.0 A
Rated torque 437 ft.lb
Locked rotor torque 180 %
Breakdown torque 210 %
Locked rotor time 32s (cold) 18s (hot)
Design A
Insulation Class F
Temperature rise 80 K
Duty Cycle Cont.(S1)
Starting Method Direct On Line
Ambient temperature -20°C to +40°C
Altitude 1000 m.a.s.l.
Degree of Protection IP55
Enclosure IC411 - TEFC
Mounting F-1
Rotation¹ Both (CW and CCW)
Noise Level² 63.0 dB(A)
Approx. weight³ 1451 lb

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